Zaire Ali, MPH, EdM

Research Scientist

[email protected]

Zaire S. Ali is a Research Scientist at ISPH, under the tutelage of Dr. Sasha Fleary, the director of the Child Health Equity Research Lab (CHER Lab). Zaire is very passionate about population health and issues that are negatively impacting health in urban communities locally in NYC and throughout the United States. Zaire strives to help educate the community and alleviate some of the burden created by decades of systemic racism and its negatives impacts on Black, Latinx, and other historically marginalized populations living in urban Communities.

Born and raised in Plainfield, N.J., Zaire considers himself fortunate enough to see how life was on the other side of health policy and has vowed to improve health outcomes in urban communities by better understanding the social determinates of health that are impacting individuals and create impactful interventions for ALL!

Zaire holds undergraduate degrees in Health & Physical Education and Criminal Justice along with two master’s Degrees from Rutgers University in Counseling Psychology and Public Health. Currently, Zaire is pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Health at THE City University of New York, Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy.