Pedro Mateu-Gelabert

Pedro Mateu-Gelabert

Associate Professor of Community Health and Social Sciences

PhD, Sociology
New York University

BA, Sociology
Universidad Complutense, Madrid

Dr. Mateu-Gelabert is a sociologist with over 20 years of research experience in New York City and internationally. His numerous research publications span the epidemiology of drug use, urban studies, immigration, social networks, and HIV/Hepatitis C prevention. Dr. Mateu-Gelabert, a national expert on opioid use among youth, has collaborated with various interdisciplinary research teams and has worked on international projects in multiple countries including Colombia (Emerging heroin markets leading to HIV epidemics among young injectors), Spain (HCV prevention among injection drug users) and Ukraine (HIV treatment access and care cascade for people who inject drugs). Dr. Mateu-Gelabert is Principal Investigator of two ongoing NIDA funded research projects titled: Accessible Care Intervention for Engaging People Who Inject Illicit Drugs (PWID) in Hepatitis C Care; HIV, HCV and STI Risk Associated with Nonmedical Use of Prescription Opioids; and Staying Safe Intervention: Preventing HCV Among Youth Opioid Injectors.

Dr. Mateu-Gelabert’s implementation science efforts focus on preventing and treating viral epidemics among people who use drugs with a combination of early testing, harm reduction, opioid substitution therapy and early HIV/HCV treatment in community based settings.