Information and misinformation about COVID-19

We explored CHASING COVID Cohort participants’ beliefs about the coronavirus and claims they saw on social media using responses from the baseline screening survey from March 28 to April, 20 2020, before much was known about the virus. At that time, the top three trusted sources of COVID-19 information were the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (67.9%), the World Health Organization (53.7%), and State Health Departments (53.0%). Several COVID-19 claims circulated on social media at the time had been seen, e.g., that the virus was created in a laboratory (54.8%), that the virus could be spread via “a cloud in the air” (47.2%), or that home remedies could cure the virus (35.1%). Believing in certain claims was associated with endorsing a higher number of risk mitigating behaviors. For more information, click here.