Tigran Avoundjian

Senior Implementation Scientist

PhD, Epidemiology
University of Washington

MPH, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of Southern California

Dr. Avoundjian is a Senior Implementation Scientist with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene HIV Care and Treatment Research and Evaluation Unit. His work has focused on the intersection of informatics, epidemiology, and public health practice, especially in the context of HIV, STDs, COVID, and other communicable diseases. He has expertise in building data systems for public health surveillance, developing health IT tools to facilitate outbreak investigation and resource prioritization, and implementing data-based solutions to improve care coordination, patient safety, and health services delivery.

Prior to joining NYC DOHMH, Dr. Avoundjian was the COVID analytics technical lead at Public Health Seattle and King County, where he developed several data systems, dashboards, and informatics products to inform King County’s COVID response. He has also worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs to develop several dashboards and clinical decision support systems to improve safe opioid prescribing for Veterans with chronic pain.

Dr. Avoundjian’s implementation expertise focuses on leveraging and integrating data systems to facilitate the development and delivery of health services and public health interventions. In particular, his work is focused on integrating and improving public health surveillance systems to increase the reach of public health programs to marginalized communities and improve equity.