Ramona Almeñana

Ramona Almeñana, MPA

Project Manager

[email protected]

Ramona is a Project Manager at the ISPH and leads the implementation, data collection, and stakeholder management of a clinical trial evaluating the effectiveness of a behavioral intervention focused on opioid use and HCV infection. Her experience on interdisciplinary teams conducting research, scale development and validity, database management, and capacity building works to better understand and bolster support for communities of special populations including people who use opioids, young adults who inject drugs, and military veterans. Ramona also serves as Program Director for ISPH’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Program, which equips researchers and study participants with opioid overdose recognition and response skills, as well as free naloxone.

Ramona holds an MPA in Public and Nonprofit Management & Policy from New York University and a BA in Sociology from Syracuse University.