WHO/ILO Joint Methodology for Estimating Work-Related Burden of Disease and Injury

Dr. Sembajwe is a lead reviewer of a systematic review on the psychosocial exposures in relation to stroke, one of ten systematic reviews being conducted as part of the WHO/ILO joint methodology for estimating work related burden of disease and injury. As lead reviewer, she is responsible for driving the systematic review, participating in coordination activities across working groups and area experts, and is the focal point between WHO, ILO and INAIL secretariats. In addition to this lead role, Dr. Sembajwe is also an active member of the review team on silica dust exposure in relation to tuberculosis for the WHO/ILO join project. Overall, the project involves nine working groups spread across 21 countries.  Additional reviews are being conducted on identified pairs of prioritized occupational risk factors and health outcomes including occupational noise, violence and exposure to dusts and fibers.

Project Investigators