IeDEA Dashboard

The International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA) Treat All Dashboard disseminates data and research focused on Treat All in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), providing access to data on spatial and temporal trends related to patient enrollment in HIV care, timely treatment initiation, and viral suppression at sites participating in IeDEA. IeDEA is an international research consortium of 382 HIV care and treatment clinics in 44 countries across seven geographic regions: the Asia-Pacific; the Caribbean, Central and South America; Central Africa; East Africa; Southern Africa; West Africa; and North America. IeDEA collects and harmonizes longitudinal patient data, generating large data sets that can be used to streamline HIV/AIDS research and address high priority research questions.

With longitudinal data for approximately 1.4 million patients ever enrolled in HIV care at more than 230 sites across 23 countries in SSA, the IeDEA research consortium provides a window into the scale-up of HIV treatment across diverse HIV clinics and treatment programs that participate in IeDEA, reflecting “real world” service delivery data from some of the countries hardest by the pandemic. The Treat All Dashboard is designed to make data accessible to a broad array of decision-makers, normative bodies, researchers and IeDEA partners involved in the local, national, and international response to the HIV epidemic.

The IeDEA Treat All Dashboard was designed and developed by the ISPH, in collaboration with Central Africa IeDEA, IeDEA East Africa, IeDEA Southern Africa, IeDEA West Africa, the IeDEA Global Executive Committee, and Vanderbilt University.

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