Hepatitis C Dashboard

The Hepatitis C (HCV) Elimination Dashboard measures, tracks, and disseminates information on progress towards HCV Elimination in New York State. The Dashboard’s public facing web-based system makes statewide, regional and county-level HCV data available to all stakeholders, including people infected and affected by HCV, and conveys progress towards achieving the goals and targets of the initiative.

Users can explore interactive visualizations of HCV surveillance data, including trends and maps of newly reported cases and HCV-related deaths at the statewide, regional or county-level, as well as an overview of statewide elimination targets and the primary metrics that will be used to monitor progress of the initiative. Additional featured content on the dashboard includes a searchable and filterable list of the HCV Elimination Plan’s 47 recommendations and an interactive timeline chronicling key milestones towards HCV elimination dating back to 2002. In 2023, the HCV Dashboard will launch new data visualizations utilizing the Hepatitis Elimination and Epidemiology Dataset (HEED), a newly developed statewide dataset designed to support HCV Elimination plan efforts by accounting for individuals with a history of, or current, hepatitis C infection.

The HCV Dashboard was designed and developed by the ISPH, in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health AIDS Institute and Division of Epidemiology, the University at Albany – School of Public Health, and the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

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