Marcel Ramos, MPH

Research Associate

Marcel Ramos is a Research Associate with a Master in Public Health from the CUNY School of Public Health. His recent projects include developing a software infrastructure for representing and analyzing data from multiple complementary genomics experiments and creating a reproducible data preprocessing pipeline with data from The Cancer Genome Atlas in order to facilitate analysis by providing clean and ready-to-use datasets. He is also part of the Bioconductor core team, a group focused on providing software tools for analyzing high-throughput genomic datasets. He works mostly with the R statistical programming language. He is fluent in Spanish, French and Italian.

Recent publications:

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Pasolli E, Schiffer L, Manghi P, Renson A, Obenchain V, Truong DT, Beghini F, Malik F, Ramos M, Dowd JB, Huttenhower C, Morgan M, Segata N, Waldron L. Accessible, curated metagenomic data through ExperimentHub. Nat. Methods 2017, 14:1023–1024.

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Waldron L, Riester M, Ramos M, Parmigiani G, Birrer M. The Doppelgänger Effect: Hidden Duplicates in Databases of Transcriptome Profiles. Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 2016; 108(11).

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