• Wed
    4-5:30pm55 W 125th Street, Room 708

    HIV treatment-as-prevention in South Africa and the elusive 'end of AIDS'

    The ISPH is pleased to host Grand Rounds with Dr. Jacob Bor of Boston University. Jacob Bor, ScD, SM, is Assistant Professor and Peter T. Paul Career Development Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Epidemiology. His research applies the analytical tools of economics to the study of population health, with a focus on HIV treatment and prevention in southern Africa. Current research interests include economic spillover effects of HIV treatment on patients, households, and communities; decision-making in HIV-endemic risk environments; population health impacts of social policy; and causal inference in public health research. He is a faculty affiliate of BU's Global Development Policy Center, a Junior Faculty Fellow at BU's Hariri Institute for Computational Science, an affiliate of the Africa Health Research Institute, and Senior Research at the Health Economics and Epidemiology Research Office in South Africa.

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  • Mon
    NYU and Rockefeller University, NYC

    BioC2019 highlights current developments within and beyond the Bioconductor project. It consists of:

    • Developer Day June 24 at NYU Langone: provides developers and would-be developers with insights into Bioconductor project direction and software development best practices.
    • Main Conference June 25-26 at Rockefeller University: morning scientific talks and afternoon workshops provide insights and tools required for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data.
    • Robert Gentleman Symposium June 27 at Rockefeller University: A one-time symposium in honor of the 60th birthday of Robert Gentleman, one of the originators of R and Bioconductor. This day will feature talks and panel discussion by Robert Gentleman and associates.

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